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  • Electrical Stability
    With Powerwall installed your property has ultimate Electrical Stability. Meaning, power fluctuations from the grid are almost certainly a thing of the past. Your appliances will last a lot longer thanks to your electricity supply being clean, steady & consistent as long as Tesla Powerwall remains integrated.
  • No More Powercuts!
    Along with power fluctuations.. in the more Rural areas, another real obstacle can be PowerCUTS. With powerwall installed it would have to be a very long outage for your 13,5KWh battery to run dry.
  • Reduced Grid Energy Cost
    With Powerwall and a dual tariff electricity plan.. When utilising the Powerwall App, you can configure the system to only recharge itself “out of hours”. Thanks to the scheduling feature your Powerwall only recharges itself during your off-peak price plan. This can save a healthy sum over feeding directly from the grid all day.