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Air Source Heat Pump - Service & Repair

Proper Air Source Heat Pump maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

It is important to organise regular inspection of the Fan, Filters, and Condenser

These parts are essential to heat pump efficiency. 

It is important to keep these parts clean, as dirt and dust will clog them over time. 

If the condenser is not cleaned properly for some time, when dirt and dust accumulates in the coils, it will reduce their ability to absorb heat.

Heat Pumps Maintenance Scotland


Periodic Air Source Heat Pump Servicing is important to keep your system functioning efficiently and safely.

While many people choose to neglect the maintenance of their air source heat pump, regular checks can help keep the system running properly. 

By following the manufacturers' service recommendations, you can prevent potential problems and make sure your heat pump is running at optimal performance. 

If you have an Air Source Heat Pump in Scotland, you should organise regular maintenance

Annual Servicing can help prevent a breakdown when you need it the most.

maintenance & Repair

Regular checks should be performed to ensure the pump is working properly and that no debris is blocking the air flow. 

It is important to have the fan blades cleaned from time to time.

We strongly recommend that you have your heat pump inspected before each Winter arrives. 

Performing regular Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance is important to keep your unit running efficiently and safely.

The manufacturer of your heat pump will provide a comprehensive service contract with extensive warranties and the option to extend if needed.


If Your Air Source Heat Pump Has Stopped Working..

Get In Contact with our team right away to organise a visit from one of our Expert Engineers.  They will visit your property to identify the cause, along with checking your Full System.

The problem could be as simple as a strange noise, or a blocked air filter.  It is also a good idea to check the display on the unit to make sure that it functions correctly. It may be that the pump has been accidentally set to the wrong temperature.

If you suspect there is a blockage, it is time to clean the coils or air filters.

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Typical Maintenance

Our Expert Air Source Heat Pump Engineer will check all components of your system.

They will typically follow a standard checklist that specifies specific points to inspect. They will also identify any parts that need replacing. 

During your heat pump installation or a service/repair visit, our heat pump engineer can show you how to troubleshoot and identify any basic problems you are not already familiar with.

Heat pumps use the same amount of energy to operate as a powerful furnace does, therefore, it is important to only use your heat pump when necessary, remembering to switch it off when you don't need the heat. 

This will help your system work more efficiently and save you some money on energy bills.

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