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Tesla Wall Connector - EV Charger

Wall Connector is the most convenient Vehicle charging solution for Homes, Apartments, Hospitality Properties, and the Workplace.

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You can be confident in your investment with Tesla UK's 4 Year Wall Connector Warranty

Wall Connector Benefits

  • Speed
    Compatible with Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y and all EV’s with a Type 2 charging port and is capable of providing up to 44 miles of range per hour of charge. The lightweight 24-foot (7.3 meter) cable allows the Mobile Connector to be left in your car.
  • Connectivity
    Connect Wall Connector to a local Wi-Fi network to enable over-the-air firmware updates, remote diagnostics access and usage data tracking capability.
  • Power Sharing
    Ideal for households that charge more than one Tesla at the same time, but may not have enough power for multiple electrical circuits.  This functionality allows up to four Wall Connectors to share power from one circuit while still allowing your vehicles to receive a sufficient charge.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Compatible
    Wall Connector’s lightweight design allows for versatile, indoor or outdoor mounting.

Common Tesla EV Charger Questions

For maximum power output, install a standard double pole 60 amp Circuit Breaker.

Wall Connector is Tesla’s Home EV Charging System. You can quickly have one installed in your home to Charge your Tesla vehicle. The Wall Connector is also compatible with other car brands, however at present is only being Installed for Tesla Car Owners.

We recommend setting your vehicle’s range within the ‘Daily’ range bracket, up to about 90 percent for daily use. Charges of up to 100 percent should be reserved for lengthier journeys. In the charge settings menu, you can alter the level of battery charging.

We recommend charging the battery every night before bed. What percentage should the battery be charged to? For regular use, we recommend setting your vehicle’s range within the ‘Daily’ range bracket up to approximately 90 percent. Charges of up to 100 percent should be reserved for longer journeys.

Wall Connector is our recommended charging solution for the home, as it provides the most convenience and the quickest charging speeds. Nevertheless, a Tesla can also be charged using the Mobile Connector or at universal charging stations using the included J1772 adapter.

Wall Connector Charges at 44miles range per hour.
A Tesla Mobile Charger charges at just 3miles range per hour.

Making Wall Connector the best choice for home charging.

Increasingly, condos and apartment buildings are becoming required by law to allow EV charging. Additionally, incentives may be available to you or your building property manager to alleviate costs.

Due to the complexity of this question, we highly recommend you read through what Tesla has to say.

Versus the Tesla Mobile Charger, which adds just 3 miles of range per hour of Charge. The Wall Connector adds 44miles of range per hour of charging.

eg. A Tesla Model S 100D has a battery of 100 kWh.  Therefore, the cost to full charge is measured by your homes current £/kWh price.

44 Miles of Range Per Hour of Charging.

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By following the steps for connecting a Wall Connector to local Wi-Fi, you can ensure that your Wall Connector stays up-to-date with over-the-air firmware updates and remote diagnostics.

Most dryer outlets are 14-30 these days. Depending on the circumstances (such as available power on your breaker panel and the distance between the outlet and the panel), installing a 14-50 may or may not be cheaper. The disadvantage of the 14-30 is that it charges at a slower rate (about 22 miles/hour against 30 miles/hour with a 14-50). Unless you have a long commute, 14-30 will likely be sufficient for overnight charging.

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