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Ecodan | Air Source Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump System

Ecodan air source heat pumps are a renewable low-carbon alternative to traditional high-carbon heating systems.

Whether a small flat, large house, office or school..

It's a reliable, renewable heating technology that delivers efficient sustainable space heating and hot water all-year-round.

Many councils are now embracing air source heat pumps to reduce fuel poverty for social housing tenants.

We installed over 700 Mitsubishi Ecodan ASHPs for South Lanarkshire Council, as part of their drive towards cleaner & cheaper heating for their tenants.

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“It's like a fridge in reverse.”

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) absorbs heat from the outside air even when the temperature outside is as low as -15c!

This heat is then used to provide heating and hot water to your building. A few benefits of an ASHP..

Lower Fuel Bills

Particularly if you are replacing conventional electric heating.

No More Fuel Deliveries

Your ASHP will be there to keep your heating ON when you need it.


Available through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) giving you a quick payback.

Minimal Maintenance

Only periodic maintenance is required under normal operation.

Quiet, Durable and Built For The UK

An Ecodan System always consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that are connected to one another.

The available energy collected via the outdoor unit is conveyed to the indoor unit, where it is introduced to the heating circuit then distributed within the building to heaters or underfloor heating.

For New Builds And Refurbishments
With efficiency, technology and noise emissions alike, Ecodan sets the benchmark for the heating of the future – for new builds and refurbishments.

Control & Monitoring App
Ecodan heat pumps can be controlled in an intuitive and effortless manner using MELCloud.

SG Ready
Since September 2016, Ecodan systems have featured control technology that enables the individual heat pumps to be integrated into a smart grid (SG).

Ecodan Guarantee
An Ecodan heat pump is a 100% future-proof solution, thanks in no small part to Mitsubishis' sophisticated technology and high-quality materials. Steadfast in this commitment to quality, this is demonstrated by the optional 5-year Ecodan system warranty.

View Ecodan Components

A Mitsubishi Heatpump We Installed for a Client

How Does An Air Source Heat Pump Produce Renewable Heat?

An air-to-water heat pump makes it possible to use ambient heat in the house, in a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process.

Air Source Heat Pump vs A Conventional Boiler

A heat pump has a key advantage over a conventional boiler as it can be used for more than just heating and hot water…

ASHP Systems can also provide ideal living comfort in the summer. During warmer months a ‘reversible' heat pump can be used to cool down rooms to a pleasant temperature.

How They Work Mitsubishi Ecodan Heat Pumps

Ecodan, How It Works..

Here's a quick animated overview of what a standard installation looks like..

We take care of everything for you, start to finish.

In Control.

Enjoy the benefits of heat pump technology with a simple at-home control interface.

Manage your ecodan air source heat pump system anywhere using the internet.

We'd love to discuss your project.

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Mitsubishi Ecodan UK

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Frequent Questions

Enviromental Drivers

As the UK strives to meet its carbon reduction targets, renewable heating systems have been recognised as an important part of the solution. This is why the Government is encouraging the installation of air source heat pumps as a low carbon alternative to gas, oil and LGP heating.

Existing Homes

Typically installed in less than 2 days, Ecodan air source heating systems are available in a range of sizes to suit almost any home. To understand which system is right for you, factors such as the age of your property and current heating system; the levels of insulation and the way you use your heating will all affect the final choice.

We recommend getting in contact with our team for a full assesment.

Social Housing

Ecodan renewable air source heating systems allow Housing Associations to comply with regulations/legislations and are simpler to maintain than gas. Also removing the need for gas safety certificates. An air source heat pump system can help reduce a property's carbon footprint, simplify maintenance regimes and help tenants combat fuel poverty by reducing household running costs.

We recommend speaking to our team to understand which systems are right for your housing portfolio.

New Builds

The Ecodan range is ideal for new build homes and self-build / pre-fab home projects as it perfectly adheres to Building Regulations and any renewable targets set by the local authority. With Ecodan air source heat pumps only requiring an electricity and water connection it is ideal for areas outside of the National Gas Grid.

We recommend speaking to one of our experts to understand which system is right for your project.

Self Builds

With an Ecodan air source heat pump there is no need for groundwork preparations such as pipework. The Ecodan system can be easily mounted outside of the home at a convenient location such as an alleyway or garden. It is also compatible with underfloor heating which is popular in self-build properties.

We recommend getting in touch to understand which system is right for your project.

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Ecodan Components

Install An Ecodan Thats Designed for Scotland

Outdoor Unit

Ecodan air source heat pumps are self-contained units and only require water and electric connections.

They are low maintenance, quiet to run and can be discreetly placed outside homes.

They're also suitable for small retail outlets and commercial buildings.

Air Source Heat Pump Cylinders & Hydroboxes For Indoors

Cylinder & Hydrobox

Ecodan FTC5 cylinders and hydroboxes offer a highly adaptable heating solution for a variety of homes.

They are designed to integrate with the Ecodan range and improve performance with faster heat up times through the use of plate heat exchanger technology.

Air Source Heat Pump Controller

Digital Controller

Ecodan heating systems have two controllers as part of the FTC5 range, along with MELCloud smart wireless control and Metering, Monitoring and Service Packages.

Types of Ecodan System


The Ecodan PUHZ monobloc air source heat pump range includes 5, 8.5, 11.2 and 14kW sizes.

Best suited for:

  • All types of home
  • Small commercial buildings
  • Other residential premises

The Ecodan QUHZ is the latest air to water heat pump system and is ideal for properties with a low heating capacity.

Best suited for:

  • Small homes
  • Apartments/ flats
  • Homes with a high domestic water requirement
Hybrid systems

Hybrid Ecodan heating systems work in tandem with an existing boiler.

Best suited for:

  • All types of home
  • Small commercial buildings
  • Other residential premises

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